For Cable Protection Hose as Medical Equipments Hose, our model K1H-PU, K2-PU, KA-GH-PU, VOR-FLEX are available.

K1H-PU  Structure: Outer bore of Polyurethane (PU), Shore A 85; PU-coated spring steel spiral, welded to outer bore
Characteristics:Light and highly flexible hose, excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength and breaking elongation, abrasive resistant and free of halogens.

 K2-PU  Structure:PU, Shore A85 outer wall, PU, Shore A85 inner wall, PVC-coated spring steel spiral, welded into the inner wall
Characteristics:Double walled, robust and highly flexible hose due to the air chamber. Wear, step and tear resistant with excellent flow characteristics

KA-GH-PU Structure:Double walled, flexible polyurethane hose, inside and outside smooth, with rigid PVC helix and a hollow chamber running parallel to the helix
Applications: Special hose for dental and medical appliances.
VOR-FLEX  Structure: double walled, light and highly flexible PVC hose, inside and outside almost smooth, with a double PP helix and yarn reinforcement along the axis .
Applications: special hose for dental devices and medical appliances, cable protection.