For Powder material conveying, our model FLEX ANT, Serie 3 PUR ANT, VSM-A and TPU-ANT are all available. The hose to be antistatic is very important.

FLEX ANT:Structure is Soft PVC wall, rigid PVC helix, copper wire.

Characteristics: Smooth inside, transparent wall, food quality according to actual EU regulations, good flexibility, copper wire for electrostatic discharge.

Serie 3 PUR ANT:Polyether-Polyurethane, food quality according to actual EU regulations, lanesco certificate, rigid PVC helix
Characteristics:Smooth bore, excellent flexibility and solid construction
VSM-A:An inside, smooth full-plastic profile hose with low flow resistance, good resilience (when compressed or bent) and excellent flexibility; surface resistance according to DIN 53482 ≤ 1010 Ohm