For Ventilation Hose as Medical Equipments Hose, our model K1H-PVC, K1H-PU, VC2-PU and Serie 3 PUR are available.

K1H-PVC, K1H-PU is the difference of the material, you could choose PVC or better PU material. extremely flexible, low weight, virtually smooth inner wall and attractive appearance, excellent mechanical properties, left hand spiral pitch direction

VC2-PU: Strucutre, Wall made out of PU, spiral made out of rigid plastic embedded in the wall, spiral pitch right-hand
An inside absolutely smooth full plastic hose, also applicable with overpressure, light, highly flexible, resistant to microbes and hydrolysis
 Serie 3 PUR: Suction and transport abrasive particles, granules, waste, dust, in wood, pharmaceutical and plastic industry. Sweepers, lawn mowers.